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Asset and succession planning

A special focus of my work is consultancy on all issues related to asset planning and accumulation on the one hand, and succession planning and related questions on capital transfer tax/inheritance tax and gift tax on the other hand.

A sensitive subject: Asset and succession planning

At the beginning of all business activities and professional career there should also be long-term considerations on substantial changes in life as well as retirement arrangements and provisions. Already at this stage, I am offering valuable and forward-looking help on this subject through independent and systematic asset analysis and asset accumulation planning. Continuous expert monitoring and further development help to realize the plans set. However, the intended outcome is not a specific investment recommendation, however it is the client's "big picture" leading us. 

Within the area of consultancy and planning of all capital transfer tax and gift duty issues, it is a main topic to safeguard and pass accumulated assets on to following generations according to the client's individual ideas and wishes. However, when assets are passed on or donated, company assets require other measures than private assets. Personal situations are never equal to business circumstances.

Such a sensitive subject requires listening to the client in the first place. The client will only be satisfied based on best possible provisions for the future, which are tailored to the client's individual needs. My advice is based on decades of experience in these matters.