Willkommen in der Kanzlei.

The general service offering

 An office that represents a philosophy of comprehensive consultation does obviously also offer any kind of "traditional" tax consultation service. 

Main focus of tax consultancy is on...

  •  Preparation of financial statements, with our without validity checks. Due to the qualification as "certified public accountant" ("Vereidigter Buchprüfer", see above), financial statements cannot only be set up but also be fully audited and testified.
  • Services on financial as well as personnel accounting.
  • Preparation of business and private annual tax declarations.
  • Financial consultancy, meaning comments and expert opinions on special topics, proposals regarding tax optimization strategies, consultancy in relation to business start-ups and related legal questions (choice of legal form), mid-term tax and asset planning.
  • Consultancy and representation in extrajudicial tax disputes with the tax authorities as well as in judicial tax disputes in fiscal tax courts (even in the "Bundesfinanzhof" (state tax court)). 

Experiences gained from lecture activities and the commitment for the idea of "fair trade" are applied to tax consultancy for registered associations and non-profit organizations. 
A list of all detailed services would exceed the scope of this page. However, I would be pleased to present details in a personal contact.